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Chapter 28 Reply

But man, I laughed pretty hard at Nate's comment about how the child is keeping Leonard Kerrigan, and even harder about how the child is basically all: "YES, THAT'S RIGHT. YOU SHOULD BE AFRAID OF MY THREAT TO TIE YOU UP IN MY SHACK NAKED, COVERED IN MY STICKY WHITE GOO."

Not as hard as I laughed at this line here, I bet! Way to make it sound even more horrifying. XD

It's nice to see the child display actual empathy for once. Children are notoriously bad at that sort of thing, but I was starting to wonder if the child is actually a sociopath.

Well, being what it is, the protagonist does actually have low empathy relative to normal humans. Whether or not you would go so far as to call it a sociopath, I don't know, but it's definitely not normal in that regard.

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