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Chapter 25 Reply

I don't have a account, but I've been following Salvage since 2012, immediately after the end of Clouded Sky (which left a big hole in my life), and long after I stopped being interested in the fandom in general.

It was so mindblowing to get a review with this for an opener. Thinking about how long I've been doing this fanfic thing is already weird enough, but the thought that there are people who've been reading my stuff nearly as long as I've been writing it really takes things to another level.

While I was sad to see the end of Clouded Sky, I would have lost a thousand Clouded Skies if it meant more Salvages. I love love LOVE this story. I love the oblivious, nearly sociopathic child with its identity issues and overwhelming combo platter of abilities. I love grumpy, foul-mouthed Nathaniel and all of his pokémon, and I especially love how they get along with each other. I love Mewtwo and how scary and misanthropic (in the most literal definition of the word) he can be. I love the mystery and the action and the little details that you put in that make everything just come together (like what it's like to have superhuman healing abilities and have to deal with massive blood loss at the same time, or what it's like to be able to just change the physical structure of your brain to become less empathetic).

Thanks, I'm glad you like those things so much! I have so much fun working with all those elements in the story, so it's fantastic that they're enjoyable for you as a reader, too. And it means a lot that you like this story even better than Clouded Sky. I HOPE I've improved a bit as a writer since I began that one, and so it's nice to think that I managed to turn out a better story this time around.

I really don't know, but I wish more people would read this story and comment about it so I could sift through the comments and read something that someone else thought of that I also thought of at the same time and be all "HEY! I noticed that too! That was cool!" with the strange afterglow of human kinship that comes with having the exact same opinion as a complete stranger whom you've never talked to or met.

Haha, I wish I knew, too! Although I think to some extent this is a story that was never destined to become popular: it's really weird, both in terms of presentation and subject matter, so I think it does have a pretty niche audience. Though of course I'd always love more reviews, I've actually been pleasantly surprised with the reception the story's gotten. And I love reading other people's reviews for the same reason you do, it's so cool seeing how other people react, what stands out to them, and where their opinions are the same and where they're wildly, wildly different. I actually follow the reviews for some fanfics where I haven't read the fanfic itself. :P

Anyway, I have your profile bookmarked and I pop by a few times a week to see if this is updated, and when it does, I smile like an idiot and check the hell out of life for the next hour or two of my morning/afternoon/evening so I can sit there and eat the whole thing in one sitting. I even re-read the whole story from time to time, when I anticipate an update coming soon.

This is so awesome??? It always floors me that there are people who are willing to read through this godawful long story more than once. I apologize for the long waits, it must be super frustrating to have to keep checking back when you can't use the subscription feature.

Don't lose hope because you don't see us anonymous lurkers leaving comments on your story. You can be assured that we're here and eating up every word.

Thanks, I'm super glad you popped up and decided to leave some comments! I've really enjoyed reading them, and you've really made me think about some of the decisions I've made along the way. It means a lot to me that you've been following my fanfics for so long and leave such wonderful feedback.

And no worries. I'm as slow as ever about posting, but unless I get run over by a bus or something I guarantee you'll get to see the end of this story eventually.

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