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I drew a scene from chapter 32 as kind of a thank you for all the years you've been writing awesome fanfic. It didn't exactly come out the way I'd hoped (partly because I don't know what kind of billboard ads they would display in your pokémon universe, partly because I don't know how to illustrate a psychic aura), but I guess it gets the point across.

Oh wow, thank you so much! It's fantastic! And I think you did a great job with the banner ads, they definitely look like the sorts of advertisements I'd expect to see in a Kanto League match. You really captured Mewtwo's attitude, and I love the creepy Red lurking in the background.

Anyway, it's interesting to see Mewtwo actually playing along with the protagonist's lie at the beginning. He didn't seem to have much to gain from doing so, and I half-expected him to straight up laugh in Nathaniel's face.

One thing the protagonist didn't consider is that it might not be such a good thing that Mewtwo played along with it here... he has his own reasons for doing so, and they're not exactly benevolent.

Being as psychic as he is, I'd imagine that he'd even pick up on the part where the protagonist is collaborating with Team Rocket to get Nathaniel captured, and I don't imagine he'd be too happy with that given his history.

He's definitely aware of this, but for one reason or another he's not so against collaborating with Team Rocket when the payoff is winning his freedom. He doesn't mind Nate getting sold out, either; if anything, he thinks it's hilarious. He doesn't have any love for Nate, or humans in general really, so while he hates Team Rocket with a passion, he doesn't care if they screw people over so long as those people are human--or one particularly irritating human in particular!

The fight scene here reminded me a lot of the battle the protagonist had with Team Rocket all those chapters ago, when Nate was the one doing the whole double cross thing. Just so many pokémon everywhere, basically dogpiling the protagonist.

Absolutely. One of the most reliable ways to deal with it is to overwhelm it with sheer numbers, although we'll see people come up with different/more sophisticated ways of dealing with it in the future.

I'm really curious why the protagonist decided to save Nate after all. It was pretty ambivalent about giving Nathaniel up in the first place, but I wonder if the whole double cross was what made it decide to side against Team Rocket in the end. I suppose we'll all find out in the next chapter, and I really can't wait!

I don't think it really understands why it saved him itself, but for sure if Eskar had just taken him and left, without trying to go for the master ball of the protagonist itself, Nate would have been screwed. We'll definitely hear more about that next chapter, as well as what was up with the championship battle.

Thanks so much for the review, as well as the lovely fanart! Hope you enjoy what's coming next.

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