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The path to reaching 50,000 words is long and treacherous, but you don't need to go alone! NaNoWriMon love to accompany novelists on their journies, growing with every word put on the page. With enough care, some may evolve or even mega evolve. If you'd like to create one of your own, simply fill out the form below.

Note that in order to make a NaNoWriMon, you will need an account on the official NaNo site and an active novel. If you're able to update your official word count, you're all set! The word count shown on your NaNoWriMon image will update automatically after you change it on the NaNo site, but it can take up to an hour to catch up. NaNoWriMon only work for the November challenge, not for Camp NaNo, Script Frenzy, etc., because those don't use NaNo's word count API.

  • Have a question or having trouble getting the form to work? Try the FAQ.
  • Want to put your NaNoWriMon in your NaNo forum signature? Here's how!
  • Is your NaNoWriMon showing up as code instead of an image? Try these solutions.!



I got my Umbreon working! Thank you so much :) Can't wait to see it evolved.


Mr. Pinkins

I've tried pasting both of the BBC code and the HTML code into my signature, but neither one seems to be working. It just shows up as the code, not the little status image. Am I missing a step?


Mr. Pinkins

Never mind, I got it working!



How? Mine dosen't work either



Mine doesn't work either?



AWESOME little toy! Thanks much! I have my Ghastly to keep me motivated. I hope. LOL.



I'm having a problem in that my Vulpix's xp isnt increasing today, even though I have been updating the word tracker on the NaNo site. It's been at 5685 since at least 4something this afternoon and my word count has been steadily increasing.



I tried to use both codes as my signature but theyre not working? My username is CryoPyxel and the pokemon I wanted was an eevee :(

The code just shows up as code instead of an image and i dont know why



Thank you! this is exactly what i needed :D



Me again...

Buddy looks perfect, but he hasn't updated all day! And pretty much everyone else's on the forums has... I really want to see him evolve into Quilava (and maybe Typhlosion if I do well!), but he still shows my word count from the end of the day yesterday? I've added a good 2.5k to that count, all over the course of the day. I'm badwolfgirl01!



I'm using HTML code and it dosen't work !. It just shows the text of the HTML code instead of the picture of charizard that I want. My username is THECRAZYWARRIOR



It's not working when I post it in my signature



Hello, I tried to get an Pokemon, but for some reason it didn't work?

Whenever I copied the link, it only showed the words in my signature, not the image. Can you help me? My username is Prince of Nights and I'd really like a Darkrai (my favourite Pokemon <3)

Thank you already!



I want to know if NaNoWriMons evolve, or if you have to wait until you get enough words to get an evolved one.



For some reason neither the HTML nor the BBCode are working for me. I tried deleting everything else from my signature. Any ideas on why it might not be working?



Oh, I didn't press source code. It's working now. Thanks for your help! :)



Website: NaNoWriMos

i have create my profile but the word count isn't going up on my Pokemon with my total word count.


Carrie Wilson

I've created my little Eevee, got the codes, and put her on my Forum signature, but is there anywhere else Eevee is supposed to show up? Like at the top next to the actual word counter or something? Or is this just for a forum sig? Thanks :)



Say . . . speaking of sigs, where do you find the page? In either nanowrimo site.


Carrie Wilson

Instructions for putting it in your sig are here:


Negrek Admin

Website: Thousand Roads

Since NaNoWriMon aren't an official part of the NaNo site, they won't appear anywhere you don't explicitly put them. Some people also post them on their NaNo profile or on their accounts on other sites (tumblr, DeviantArt, pokémon forums, etc.), but if you want to do that you'll need to add them to those places yourself.



I've followed the instructions for how to put it in my forum signature, but it still only shows up as a link, and that doesn't even connect with my Pokemon that I chose. Any advice?



For NaNoWriMo, what do you mean by your website or forum signature? I'm not quite sure on how to add my pokemon to my account.

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