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The path to reaching 50,000 words is long and treacherous, but you don't need to go alone! NaNoWriMon love to accompany novelists on their journies, growing with every word put on the page. With enough care, some may evolve or even mega evolve. If you'd like to create one of your own, simply fill out the form below.

Note that in order to make a NaNoWriMon, you will need an account on the official NaNo site and an active novel. If you're able to update your official word count, you're all set! The word count shown on your NaNoWriMon image will update automatically after you change it on the NaNo site, but it can take up to an hour to catch up. NaNoWriMon only work for the November challenge, not for Camp NaNo, Script Frenzy, etc., because those don't use NaNo's word count API.

  • Have a question or having trouble getting the form to work? Try the FAQ.
  • Want to put your NaNoWriMon in your NaNo forum signature? Here's how!
  • Is your NaNoWriMon showing up as code instead of an image? Try these solutions.!



Hiya! So I started up mine for this year and he won't update at all? I don't know why he isn't getting my word count at all. I chose a male Shuppet named Amaryllis.


Nicholas S.

Same here. My female Duskull, Scully, isn't updating at all and I'm not sure why.


Lisette C.

I'm having the same problem... I've already read, that there might be problems at the start of November, but I just saw someone elses signature, where the pokemon WAS hatched, and I'm just afraid, I have done something wrong... :)



I went to paste the code into the signature area but it doesn’t have those brackets to click on for you to enter the code into. The entire code button isn’t there. Is there another way?


Z. Evans

I can't get the codes to work. I've tried both of the one displayed above, but I can't seem to find a way to get the this to appear. It just comes up as a code.



Website: my NaNo profile

Oops, I may have commented in the wrong area! I'm having a bug with my NaNoWriMon. I put an Eevee in my signature, and he evolved into an Umbreon when his level got to the mid-30s. He is now 43. But he keeps turning back into an Eevee! I'm trying to figure out if I'm doing something weird that's making him revert back to his baby stage. Will he just fluctuate until 50 and then stick to his big form after that? Thanks -Katy



Website: Moon_Dust NaNo

Hi - I’m copying the URL code in my NaNo author info page and my forum signature page but no image appears, just a blank square. I see other ppl with the NaNoWriMon so I’m wondering how to make this work? Thx!



First off, thank you so much for making this fantastic Pokemon-Nano link. I love it!

Now for my question, my male frillish evolved into a female jellicent. It still has the male marker-sign, but the color scheme is female. The color scheme as a frillish was the male blue, but as a jellicent he is quite pink. Is this normal? Just a limitation of the system?

Username: AernJardos Pokemon: Maínomai

Thank you for your time!



Does this work with the young writer's program for NaNo? My son has an account on there with a username: eyeball
and would like a Pidgey if possible.


Negrek Admin

Website: Thousand Roads

Unfortunately not. The YWP does not use the same wordcount API as the main NaNo event, so it's not compatible with these or any other third-party wordcounters.




Hey, Negrek!

Was trying to make one of these with Alola Ninetales, but I keep getting regular Ninetales despite picking it on the form. And I mean, I love all Ninetales, but it seems like a bug.


Negrek Admin

Website: Thousand Roads

Hey, Larissa! ;)

You actually should have been able to create an Alolan ninetales without a problem, but the preview code wasn't set up to handle alternate forms, so it would always show the regular ninetales in the preview. Should be fixed!




Aha, that'd do it. Thanks! 💗 Now to get through November so I can get Ultra Moon...



Hi, I was trying to sign up for this but it can't seem to find my account. It's H^2quared I've already set up my novel and input my word count in the NaNoWriMo website, so that's not the problem.



I'm having the same issue with my Charmander evolution line. It evolved into a Charmeleon when it should have, but he's now level 90 and is still a Charmeleon - which is especially awkward as that's my least favourite of the evolutionary line... a fix would be appreciated but either way thanks for making these. I love the extra motivation of levelling up my pokemon :)


Amaya Nyx

Hi! I used Nanowrimon last year and I loved it so I wanted to use it again this year. I have a little Litwick named Incandescent, but I'm well past the 50k mark and it's still a Lampent. Should I make another one? I don't remember clicking do not evolve or anything like that.

Any help would be appreciated, either way thanks so much for making such a fun little motivation device.

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