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I know that people have already said this, but this is super helpful for RPs where some of the Pokémon have Metronome.


Negrek Admin

Website: Thousand Roads

Thanks, glad you like it! Unfortunately I don't have any ideas for a new quiz at the moment, but I'll definitely add more if I think of any.



Hope you end up making another quiz. Your pmd one is really good.



What the heck

My quirky chimchoa knows Stun Spore, Taunt, Nature's Maddness and Spikes Next up is decidueye(these are not on my team ) it knows Wing Attack, Spider Web, Absorb, Core Enforcer Next is winpod it knows Wing Attack, Spider Web, Absorb, Core Enforcer Gastradon is next it knows Acid Downpour, Rollout, Destiny Bond, Judgment Smearagle knows.. Glaciate, Skull Bash, Crunch, Stomping Tantrum Archen knows Pulverizing Pancake, Nightmare, Shadow Claw, Gunk Shot I used and



samurott with origin pulse, hypnosis, guardian of alola and thunderbolt

Get wrecked everybody



My first time here. I can say that this is a pretty neat website! I like it Negrek. :) suicune

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