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Hi, so sorry. Love this idea but I'm having an issue. Just got introduced to this by a friend and my code isn't working on the NaNo page, it just remains code. My username is Celadore and I just picked a dratini. This is the code I got that isn't working:

href=""> src="" alt="Celadore's NaNoWriMon" />



Negrek Admin

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There's no difference between shiny pokemon icons and the normal pokemon icons, so you could certainly consider your eevee shiny if you like! There are fan recolorings of icons to reflect shininess, but as of right now the ones I know of are out of date (because Gen VII), and adding them is a low priority for me.


Negrek Admin

Website: Thousand Roads

Yeah, for now pokemon will always evolve when they're able to. In future years I'll probably make it so you can disable this effect and keep them at a particular evolutionary stage, but for now manual correction is all you can do, sorry.



My NaNoWriMon is still at 13,000 while I'm at 25,000... it doesn't seem to have updated for at least a week. Is there a reason why this has happened?

P.S This is epic!!! It's incredible! Thank you for making it.



I'm not expecting you to fix this but I need to tell someone. It is quite upsetting that my precious Bayleef keeps evolving. I love the code that makes that happen, it's truly ingenious, but darn it, I want my Bayleef! Meganium is a delightful Pokemon, but I want Bayleef. Every time I see it has evolved, I come right back here and get the code again. So no problem I can't keep fixing manually. I just... gah! My precious Bayleef. I love Bayleef. bayleef bayleef



So I had an eevee and it evolved into an umbreon, but then a few levels later my umbreon evolved yet again into a leafeon. I'd assumed that it was just going to evolve at random once. Is it going to keep evolving at random into something different every time it levels up, or is it a leafeon for good this time?


Negrek Admin

Website: Thousand Roads

That's because I managed to badly screw up the comment database on Tuesday. I'm slowly sorting things back out, but it's tedious and time-consuming and will take a few more days to complete.



Is there a reason why everything seems to be a reply to Tyleenia Taylor?



I'm trying to make a buneary, and I can, but I don't understand how to get it onto my account. I named it Flopps, and my account on NaNoWriMo is rebewind6509. Thanks a bunch!

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