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At the moment there's no way to prevent a NaNoWriMon from evolving. In the future I plan to implement an option that will let you keep a NaNoWriMon at a lower stage if you want.



Oh, I didn't press source code. It's working now. Thanks for your help! :)



Sorry if someone already asked this since there's tons of asks about Nanowrimon, but does your Pokémon have to evolve or could you just keep it as a Charmander or whatever?



For some reason neither the HTML nor the BBCode are working for me. I tried deleting everything else from my signature. Any ideas on why it might not be working?



I want to know if NaNoWriMons evolve, or if you have to wait until you get enough words to get an evolved one.



I got Piplup! I'm not surprised lol. The traits it listed are just like me.



Hello, I tried to get an Pokemon, but for some reason it didn't work?

Whenever I copied the link, it only showed the words in my signature, not the image. Can you help me? My username is Prince of Nights and I'd really like a Darkrai (my favourite Pokemon <3)

Thank you already!



It's not working when I post it in my signature


Negrek Admin

Website: Thousand Roads

Sorry it took awhile to get back to you on this. You should now be able to create a female nidoran by entering "nidoranf", "nidoran female", or "Nidoran♀".

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