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Negrek Admin

Website: Thousand Roads

I take it you mean on the forums? Their signature editing interface is a little differently than most, but the images should show up just fine. I'm assuming your nanowrimon is for user rainbowsylveon, with a ralts named Laika. If that's right, here's what you need to do:

  • Go to "Forum Preferences" (in the "Conversation" menu)
  • Click the far right button above the "My Signature" text box, which has <> on it (says "Source Code" if you hover over it)
  • Copy and paste this into it:

<p><a href=""><img src=";id=437" alt="" /></a></p>

  • Hit "Ok"

That should work!

I'll be adding a brief tutorial on how to do this/a code specifically for the forums, since I think some people are getting confused.



I can't seem to get the codes to work for my signature. I've tried both codes, and neither of them are showing up properly. This is an amazing idea, though!


Negrek Admin

Website: Thousand Roads

How many words do you have? NaNoWriMon generally start at their lowest evolutionary stage and evolve over time. Even if you were able to generate a luxray now, it would drop back to being an egg, then a shinx once your word count got reset at the beginning of November.


Negrek Admin

Website: Thousand Roads

Hmm, what sort of error are you getting, and what pokemon are you going for? I was able to make one for your account no problem.


Neta Barsade

Hi, I tried adding both codes on my signature, but it won't seem to show up? Just the text shows up and that's it.



Hello! Sorry to bother, but I'm having the hardest time getting this to work. My NaNo is "SamaFox," and I appreciate the help! This little Pokemon is going to be so motivational come November!


Negrek Admin

Website: Thousand Roads

Hi! Is this you? If so, the problem is probably that you don't have a novel set up for this year yet! You can do that by going to "My Novels" under the "My NaNoWriMo" drop-down menu, then clicking the big "Writing thsi year? Enter your novel!" link and following the directions. Once you've taken care of that, you should be able to get your vulpix no problem.

If that's not you, could you please give me a link to your profile so I can see what's up?



Hello, I dare say I have found that my account cannot be verified. my account on Nanowrimo is J. Crowson If we can figure one out I would love a &vulpix

If not I appreciate any effort. Thank you and have a wonderful day, Jess


Negrek Admin

Website: Thousand Roads

That page hasn't been updated in a couple years because it was intended as a reference for a forum RP that I haven't been a part of for a while. I'm not really sure it has much utility outside of that context, and keeping it updated would be a pain. I don't have a Twitter account, but I'll send you an e-mail about it.


Joshua H. (Volt790)

Website: Twitter

I absolutely LOVE your guide to event moves; its pretty much the only/best guide I've ever seen that cover Pokemon moves that Pokemon can only get via events! I had no idea Squirtle got ZAP CANNON, of all moves! My only thing is that I noticed it hasn't been updated in over 2 years, getting close to 3. Is there any chance I could help in updating that page in anyway? Its a great guide that doesn't deserve to be lost to time. If you wanna talk, i have a Twitter where we can PM! I also have a Tumblr, but honestly, I never really use it anymore.... In anycase, let me know! Thank you!

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