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Nicholas S.

Same here. My female Duskull, Scully, isn't updating at all and I'm not sure why.



I went to paste the code into the signature area but it doesn’t have those brackets to click on for you to enter the code into. The entire code button isn’t there. Is there another way?


Lisette C.

I'm having the same problem... I've already read, that there might be problems at the start of November, but I just saw someone elses signature, where the pokemon WAS hatched, and I'm just afraid, I have done something wrong... :)



Hiya! So I started up mine for this year and he won't update at all? I don't know why he isn't getting my word count at all. I chose a male Shuppet named Amaryllis.


The Flashmaster

Hey, I'm "The Flashmaster" on NaNoWriMo, tried making a Seedot with this. Seemed to work at first but when I put it in my forum signature it didn't show up. I tried the BBCode version first, swapping for the HTML didn't do it either.

Thanks in advance!



oh and my username is dazroman for NaNo.



Hey! I'm having an issue with the gender of my mon as well. I made my fella a boy, but his gender marker defines him as a girl. Was wondering if I could get that fixed? Thanks c:




I have my Nanomon but she's not hatching. I know it says that it might be slow and busy on November 1st but I'm worried that it is something to do with the fact my wordcount is being updated on nanowrimo through another app rather than manually.



I'm getting the 500 error, I dunno what that is. My username's CornSyrup, with the url being cornsyrup, and I'm trying to put in an Unown named Toothbrush.

Please help?



Hello! I have tried to use both links in my forum siganture, but the actual Mon is not showing, only the link text. I have created my novel. Do I need to wait until November for it to work, or am I doing something wrong?




Website: NaNoWriMo

I'm receiving an error and I think it's because my NaNoWriMo username has double dashes in it - when the page loads I get an error rhat I have to enter a novel this season (which I have) but I noticed that the username field says "feather-weather" and not "feather--weather"

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