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My first time here. I can say that this is a pretty neat website! I like it Negrek. :) suicune


Negrek Admin

Website: Thousand Roads

Thanks, glad you find it useful! I do hope to add more functionality soon--the ability to choose only moves from a particular generation, of a particular type, damaging vs nondamaging, etc.



Hi, very handy tool, this! Thanks for making it and keeping it public :) I use it for my Pokémon Tabletop United game. Could you perhaps add a generation option?


Negrek Admin

Website: Thousand Roads

Oh no, but the apostrophe is critical! Dark'ness is just SO much more goth than Darkness, of course.

Kind of interesting that, as far as I'm aware, there hasn't been a Pokéfic equivalent of My Immortal yet. I mean, obviously nothing could live up to the brilliance of the original, but there are loads of imitators and homages in other fandoms.



He is transforming more and more into a Mary Sue the more names they give him! Quick, head for the hills! Soon he will be Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way*, he just needs one more name!

  • First time I typed this, I looked it up to make sure and I didn't know there was a ' on Darkness.

Negrek Admin

Website: Thousand Roads

Sorry it took me so long to get back to you about this. Unfortunately I'm afraid I probably won't have time to fix this before the month's out; it's definitely not supposed to happen, and I imagine it did keep happening as your NaNoWriMon leveled up. However, I'll definitely look into this and make sure it's fixed for next year.

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