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Metronome Randomizer

Last Updated November 18 2016

The Metronome Randomizer mimics the attack "Metronome" in the Pokémon games, choosing a series of random attacks. This script offers three different flavors of metronome--"True Metronome," which adheres to the mechanics of the attack in the main-series games; "All Attacks," which picks any non-Z-move attack; and "All With Z-Moves," which may generate a Z-move, even though Z-moves aren't really the same as ordinary attacks and definitely can't be called by metronome. True Metronome will never select Counter, Mimic, Metronome, Mirror Move, Transform, Struggle, Sketch, Thief, Snore, Protect, Destiny Bond, Detect, Endure, Sleep Talk, Mirror Coat, Focus Punch, Follow Me, Nature Power, Helping Hand, Trick, Assist, Snatch, Covet, Feint, Me First, Copycat, Switcheroo, Chatter, Wide Guard, Rage Powder, After You, Quick Guard, Quash, Bestow, Techno Blast, Relic Song, Secret Sword, Freeze Shock, Ice Burn, Snarl, or V-create. If you are concerned with strict adherence to game mechanics, you should also take into account the fact that Metronome will also never pick any of the user's other three attacks, either, so you may need to re-randomize.

Because the mechanics of metronome haven't yet been extensively explored for Gen VII (and likely won't be for a while), the "True Metronome" setting currently chooses any attack that could be called in the fifth generation and any attack introduced in the sixth or seventh generation, since it's not currently known which of them are actually callable.


Number of Attacks:

All Attacks:
All With Z-Moves:
True Metronome:


Amagawa Setsuko

Actually, Metronome can select moves the user knows except in generations 2 and 4.


Negrek Admin

Website: Thousand Roads

Thanks for the info! I'm actually planning to remove the "True Metronome" option and its associated information when I revise this tool. I don't imagine very many people use that mode, and while it's possible to find lists of which moves are/aren't callable on Bulbapedia, they don't cite sources on them and I've found way too much inaccurate game mechanic info on Bulbapedia to feel confident about them. In general there doesn't seem to have been much serious research done on metronome since Gen V, and I wouldn't want to offer a "true metronome" option unless I felt pretty confident it would actually behave the same as in the games.



This is a really good website! I use this a lot for Pokemon Showdown teams!



pure delcatty









Website: Showdown!

Thank you, I am using for randomized moves for my pokemon in showdown!



Website: Showdown!

I had a torkoal with the moveset of Double-egde earthquake lava plume and gyro ball. I had a Ninjask with had façade gust toxic and swords dance. My last pokemon swoobat had U-turn amnesia rest and roost. Thanks for the website!



Hey. Thanks man. Really couldn't pull through with playing with a Togepi in a PTU game without this.


Isaac Spotted Elk

what if you make a pokemon item randomizer and ability randomizer?



You should make it so that people can't select 9999 for the amount of moves.



Maybe you can add a Pure Legendary Moves setting



Me and my friend did a PMD randomized battle and Grovyle grovyle knows Grudge, After you, Cotton guard, and Quiver dance. Ava treecko knows Sheer Cold, Spiky Shield, Lovely Kiss, and Clamp



This is great! Me and my friends are doing a sorta tabletop PMD game and I was gonna be Togepi, so this is great for when I learn metronome!



I might actually try this on a randomizer, looks fun.

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