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ORAS Horde Encounters

Last Updated May 02 2016

ORAS are the most convenient games for EV training yet, primarily because the distribution of EV's in horde encounters is much more sensible than it was in XY. For each stat there's at least one route where 100% of encounters give only EV's for that stat, making it easy to pile up a ton of one kind of EV very quickly.

While there are plenty of guides on the internet that mention those routes, however, I was interested in routes that gave useful combinations of EV's instead--for example, when training physical attackers, I like to use Route 101 or Route 103, since they give me all the attack and speed EV's I want in one location. That in mind, I compiled a table of all the locations in ORAS, how many different kinds of EV's they give out, and what those EV's are. Click the name of a location to get a more detailed breakdown of the hordes that appear there.

ORAS Horde Training Spots
LocationEV's Given
One Stat
Rusturf TunnelHP
Mt. Pyre InteriorAttack
Route 111Defense
Route 119Special Attack
Route 114 (AS Only)Special Defense
Route 115Special Defense
Meteor Falls 1F 1RSpeed
Meteor Falls 1F 2R & B1F 1RSpeed
Scorched SlabSpeed
Seafloor CavernSpeed
Cave of OriginSpeed
Route 104 (All Areas)Speed
Two Stats
Petalburg WoodsHP, Speed
Shoal Cave (All Areas)HP, Speed
Fiery Path (AS Only)HP, Special Attack
Safari Zone (All Areas)Attack, Special Attack
Route 112Attack, Special Attack
Jagged PassAttack, Special Defense
Meteor Falls B1F 2RAttack, Speed
Mt. Pyre Exterior & SummitAttack, Speed
Route 101Attack, Speed
Route 103Attack, Speed
Fiery Path (OR Only)Defense, Special Attack
Route 113Defense, Special Attack
Granite Cave B1FDefense, Speed
Route 116Defense, Speed
New MauvilleSpecial Attack, Speed
Route 110Special Attack, Speed
Route 114 (OR Only)Defense, Special Defense
Route 118Special Defense, Speed
Three Stats
Granite Cave 1FHP, Defense, Speed
Victory RoadHP, Defense, Speed
Route 120HP, Special Attack, Special Defense
Route 117HP, Special Attack, Speed
Granite Cave B2FAttack, Defense, Speed
Sky PillarAttack, Special Defense, Speed
Route 121 & 123Attack, Special Defense, Speed
Route 102 (OR Only)Defense, Special Attack, Speed
Route 102 (AS Only)Special Attack, Special Defense, Speed

This is the expanded horde data table, including information on which specific pokémon appear in hordes on each route, how often the different hordes appear, and so on:

ORAS Hordes by Route
PokémonLevelEncounter ChanceBase EV Yield
Petalburg Woods (HP, Speed)
wurmpleWurmple360%5 HP
zigzagoonZigzagoon335%5 Speed
shroomishShroomish35%5 HP
Rusturf Tunnel (HP)
whismurWhismur5100%5 HP
Granite Cave 1F (HP, Defense, Speed)
zubatZubat660%5 Speed
makuhitageodudeMakuhita (4)/Geodude (1)635%4 HP, 1 Defense
makuhitaMakuhita65%5 HP
Granite Cave B1F (Defense, Speed)
zubatZubat660%5 Speed
aronAron640%5 Defense
Granite Cave B2F (Attack, Defense, Speed)
zubatZubat660%5 Speed
aronAron635%5 Defense
mawileMawile (OR)65%5 Attack, 5 Defense
sableyeSableye (AS)65%5 Attack, 5 Defense
New Mauville (Special Attack, Speed)
voltorbVoltorb1265%5 Speed
magnemiteMagnemite1235%5 Special Attack
Fiery Path (HP, Defense, Special Attack)
numelNumel860%5 Special Attack
koffingKoffing (OR)835%5 Defense
grimerGrimer (AS)835%5 HP
slugmaSlugma85%5 Special Attack
Jagged Pass (Attack, Special Defense)
machopMachop1065%5 Attack
spoinkSpoink1035%5 Special Defense
Meteor Falls 1F 1R (Speed)
zubatZubat9100%5 Speed
Meteor Falls 1F 2R & B1F 1R (Speed)
zubatZubat20100%5 Speed
Meteor Falls B1F 2R (Attack, Speed)
zubatZubat2095%5 Speed
bagonBagon205%5 Attack
Scorched Slab (Speed)
zubatZubat14100%5 Speed
Safari Zone, All Areas (Attack, Special Attack)
doduoDoduo1560%5 Attack
oddishOddish1535%5 Special Attack
psyduckPsyduck155%5 Special Attack
Mt. Pyre Interior (Attack)
shuppetShuppet15100%5 Attack
Mt. Pyre Exterior & Summit (Attack, Speed)
shuppetShuppet1560%5 Attack
medititeMeditite1535%5 Speed
vulpixVulpix155%5 Speed
Shoal Cave, Low Tide (HP, Speed)
zubatZubat1760%5 Speed
sphealSpheal1740%5 HP
Shoal Cave, High Tide (HP, Speed)
sphealSpheal1760%5 HP
zubatZubat1740%5 Speed
Shoal Cave Ice Room (HP, Speed)
zubatZubat1760%5 Speed
sphealSpheal1735%5 HP
snoruntSnorunt175%5 HP
Seafloor Cavern (Speed)
zubatZubat18100%5 Speed
Cave of Origin (Speed)
zubatZubat18100%5 Speed
Sky Pillar (Attack, Special Defense, Speed)
golbatGolbat2360%10 Speed
ariadosAriados2335%10 Attack
swabluSwablu235%5 Special Defense
Victory Road (HP, Defense, Speed)
zubatZubat2060%5 Speed
aronAron2035%5 Defense
loudredLoudred205%10 HP
Route 101 (Attack, Speed)
zigzagoonZigzagoon295%5 Speed
poochyenaPoochyena25%5 Attack
Route 102 (Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense, Speed)
zigzagoonZigzagoon260%5 Speed
lotadLotad (AS)235%5 Special Defense
seedotSeedot (OR)235%5 Defense
raltsRalts25%5 Special Attack
Route 103 (Attack, Speed)
zigzagoonZigzagoon260%5 Speed
poochyenaPoochyena235%5 Attack
wingullWingull25%5 Speed
Route 104 North (Speed)
zigzagoonZigzagoon295%5 Speed
taillowTaillow35%5 Speed
Route 104 South (Speed)
zigzagoonZigzagoon295%5 Speed
wingullWingull25%5 Speed
Route 110 (Special Attack, Speed)
magnemiteMagnemite660%5 Special Attack
pluslePlusle (AS)635%5 Speed
minunMinun (OR)635%5 Speed
minunplusleMinun (4)/Plusle (1) (OR)65%5 Speed
plusleminunPlusle (4)/Minun (1) (AS)65%5 Speed
Route 111 (Defense)
sandshrewSandshrew11100%5 Defense
Route 112 (Attack, Special Attack)
numelNumel865%5 Special Attack
machopMachop835%5 Attack
Route 113 (Defense, Special Attack)
spindaSpinda995%5 Special Attack
skarmorySkarmory95%10 Defense
Route 114 (Defense, Special Defense)
swabluSwablu965%5 Special Defense
seedotSeedot (OR)935%5 Defense
lotadswabluLotad (4)/Swablu (1) (AS)935%5 Special Defense
Route 115 (Special Defense)
swabluSwablu10100%5 Special Defense
Route 116 (Defense, Speed)
zigzagoonZigzagoon460%5 Speed
nincadaNincada435%5 Defense
skittySkitty45%5 Speed
Route 117 (HP, Special Attack, Speed)
oddishzigzagoonOddish (4)/Zigzagoon (1)760%4 Special Attack, 1 Speed
roseliaRoselia735%10 Special Attack
marillMarill75%10 HP
Route 118 (Special Defense, Speed)
electrikeElectrike1260%5 Speed
wingullWingull1235%5 Speed
kecleonKecleon125%5 Special Defense
Route 119 (Special Attack)
oddishOddish12100%5 Special Attack
Route 120 (HP, Special Attack, Special Defense)
oddishOddish1360%5 Special Attack
marillMarill1335%10 HP
kecleonKecleon135%5 Special Defense
Route 121 & Route 123 (Attack, Special Defense, Speed)
shuppetShuppet1560%5 Attack
wingullWingull1535%5 Speed
kecleonKecleon155%5 Special Defense


Thanks for this, Very helpful.

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