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XY Horde Encounters

Last Updated May 01 2016

Horde encounters were a new feature added in Pokémon X and Y, and one of their (perhaps unintended) benefits was to make EV training a whole lot easier. It's possible to get as many as 60 EV's from a single horde battle, and with the EXP Share on you can net as many as 360 distributed across the entire team.

Horde training is a little more of a headache in XY than in ORAS because there are fewer locations that give only EV's of a single type, and those that give EV's of multiple types often have weird combinations that aren't very useful for training. Below are your best options for training each single stat, including how often you can expect to find a horde giving that type of EV in that location. Click the location's name to go to a full description of its hordes.

XY Horde Training Spots
LocationEncounter Chance
Connecting Cave60%
Pokémon Village60%
Route 560%
Route 2060%
Route 1965%
Terminus Cave (X)100%
Terminus Cave (Y)95%
Route 1895%(note)
Special Attack
Frost Cavern65%
Special Defense
Reflection Cave60%(note)
Route 760%
Route 865%

These are the full horde encounter tables for each route, as well as how many EV's each different kind of horde gives:

XY Hordes by Route
PokémonLevelEncounter ChanceBase EV Yield
Connecting Cave (HP, Attack, Speed)
whismurWhismur760%5 HP
zubatZubat835%5 Speed
axewAxew85%5 Attack
Reflection Cave (Defense, Special Defense)
mimejrMime Jr.1160%5 Special Defense
roggenrolaRoggenrola1135%5 Defense
roggenrolacarbinkRoggenrola (4)/Carbink (1)115%5 Defense, 1 Special Defense
Azure Bay (HP, Defense, Speed)
wingullWingull1360%5 Speed
slowpokeSlowpoke1335%5 HP
exeggcuteExeggcute145%5 Defense
Frost Cavern (Attack, Special Attack)
vanilliteVanillite2060%5 Special Attack
cubchooCubchoo2035%5 Attack
smoochumSmoochum215%5 Special Attack
Terminus Cave (Attack, Defense)
durantDurant2360%10 Defense
geodudeGeodude2335%5 Defense
aronAron (X)245%5 Defense
larvitarLarvitar (Y)245%5 Attack
Pokémon Village (HP, Special Defense, Speed)
foongusFoongus2560%5 HP
poliwagPoliwag2535%5 Speed
lombreLombre255%10 Special Defense
Victory Road, First and Last Caves (HP, Defense, Speed)
geodudeGeodude2860%5 Defense
floatzelFloatzel2935%10 Speed
lickitungLickitung305%10 HP
Victory Road, Second and Third Caves (HP, Defense)
geodudeGeodude2860%5 Defense
gravelerGraveler2935%10 Defense
lickitungLickitung305%10 HP
Route 5 (HP, Attack, Speed)
gulpinGulpin560%5 HP
scraggyScraggy535%5 Attack
plusleminunPlusle (4)/Minun (1) (X)65%5 Speed
minunplusleMinun (4)/Plusle (1) (Y)65%5 Speed
Route 7 (Special Attack, Special Defense)
hoppipHoppip760%5 Special Defense
psyduckPsyduck735%5 Special Attack
roseliaRoselia85%10 Special Attack
Route 8 (Attack, Special Attack, Speed)
wingullWingull760%5 Speed
zangooseseviperZangoose (4)/Seviper (1) (X)835%9 Attack, 1 Special Attack
seviperzangooseSeviper (4)/Zangoose (1) (Y)835%6 Attack, 4 Special Attack
taillowTaillow75%5 Speed
Route 10 (Defense, Special Attack, Speed)
nosepassNosepass1060%5 Defense
yanmaYanma1035%5 Speed
houndourHoundour (X)115%5 Special Attack
electrikeElectrike (Y)115%5 Speed
Route 11 (HP, Speed, Attack)
nidoranmnidoranfNidoran♂ (4)/Nidoran♀ (1)1160%1 HP, 4 Attack
stunkyStunky1135%5 Speed
starlyStarly125%5 Speed
Route 12 (Attack, Defense, Speed, Special Attack)
wingullWingull1360%5 Speed
mareepMareep1335%5 Special Attack
taurosmiltankTauros (4)/Miltank (1)145%4 Attack, 2 Defense, 4 Speed
Route 14 (Attack, Defense)
bellsproutBellsprout1660%5 Attack
skorupiSkorupi1635%5 Defense
ekansEkans175%5 Attack
Route 15 & 16 (HP, Defense, Speed)
murkrowMurkrow1860%5 Speed
foongusFoongus1835%5 HP
klefkiKlefki195%5 Defense
Route 18 (Defense, Special Attack)
geodudeGeodude2360%5 Defense
durantDurant2335%10 Defense
durantheatmorDurant (4)/Heatmor (1)235%8 Defense, 2 Special Attack
Route 19 (Attack, Defense)
weepinbellWeepinbell2460%10 Attack
gligarGligar2435%5 Defense
arbokArbok255%10 Attack
Route 20 (HP, Attack, Defense)
foongusFoongus2560%5 HP
trevenantTrevenant2535%10 Attack
trevenantsudowoodoTrevenant (4)/Sudowoodo (1)255%8 Attack, 2 Defense
Route 21 (Attack, Special Attack, Special Defense)
spindaSpinda2660%5 Special Attack
swabluSwablu2635%5 Special Defense
scytherScyther275%5 Attack

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