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Yes, I'll be adding Gen VII and Alola forms as soon as possible. I was actually hoping it would be possible to rip the necessary data from the demo so I could put them in before the start of this November, heh, but it hasn't worked out that way.

Basically, I need two things to be able to add a new generation to the system:

  1. The English names for all the new species
  2. Icon rips of the new species and Alola forms

We should get 1 right at the release of the game if not earlier, but 2 depends on the priorities of people ripping data from the game and could take hours to weeks to be complete. One way or another, I won't be able to add anything until the final third of November, so the new generation probably won't be relevant to the majority of people NaNoing this year. It will be available from the start in 2017, though!

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