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Stopped in to link this and this makes me wonder if the Percy Jackson element could explain where Arceus comes in. It's such a break with earlier fanfic that instead going off on his own, Ash is often told by a godly figure that he's special and godly himself, and sometimes goes so far as to train in a different godly dimension on his special godly powers. It always struck me as odd, particularly when the traditional way of having Ash become a powerful badass is to go the Mt. Silver hermit route and with legendaries exclusively being on his team as opposed to independent agents. And speaking of Pokemon Master, it's odd Ash pretty much always has the aura powers instead of whatever the hell sounds cool this week, but crosspollination with a fandom all about inherited magic abilities might've encouraged people to stick with aura and build it up into a big bloodline thing. (Googling suggests the books themselves use the term aura to talk about the demigods.)

Arceus seemed to be a later development, so I doubt betrayal fics actually originated there, but if the two are similar and there's a large MC/harem overlap fandom, people could've started to combine the scripts later on.

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