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Yeah, I've been considering some different ways to reward people (or for them to reward themselves) for getting more than 50k. One option that I'd like to implement is definitely custom goals, so if someone knows they want to go for a higher word count, like 75k or 100k, they can set things up so their mon will reach 100 at 100k instead of 50k, etc. Also allows people who want to set goals of 20k, 30k, whatever, to have a NaNoWriMon where they'll "win" at that goal instead of it forever getting stuck at a low level, even though they actually accomplished what they wanted to.

Getting a second (or third, or fourth) mon after you reach 50k once is definitely doable. I think it would be nice to give some kind of indication that you'd already "cleared" one, as an additional special thing. idk if a different color background or something, but I do want to make custom colors a thing already so that wouldn't necessarily work, or some kind of little icon, but I'm not a spriter, so my options there are limited... I don't know, did you have any specific ideas on how to implement this? Or would you simply like an option to have a second mon that starts at zero and grows with your words beyond 50k?

One way or another, thanks for the suggestion! I haven't had nearly as much opportunity to work on these guys as I'd like over the past couple years, but there are a number of improvements I want to make, and I'm always open to suggestions for new features or ways to streamline the current system.

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