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hi! ^^

just swinging by here :)

I don't really like talking about myself, but since I have a peculiar love of reading the "about me" sections on fandom websites, I figure I might as well put something down for the people who share my curiosity.

thank youuuuuu :D

involve coding in some form, and probably large-scale data analysis

cool :D

I like all environments in their own way, and can even enjoy cities in small doses, but I prefer mountainous areas above all all.

yeeeee (said by an indoors person who likes nature)

and fully intend to cover way more ground than that before I bite it--including outer space.


the idea of pulling up stakes and striking out into the unknown is really what pulls me in. It's no surprise that I prefer to read and write journeyfics.


love learning about new things, and it's always dangerous for me to visit a library, since I always end up with more books than I could ever possibly read I know at least a little bit about topics all across the hard and soft sciences.

:D (i am the baby version of this; i think a lot of people are)

I'm a maker. I love to produce things that I can share with other people, and which I can look back on later as time well spent. Part of what drives me forward in my desire to learn new things is knowing that I'll come up with tons of new project ideas and gain the skills necessary to bring to life things I never would have imagined I'd be able to create.

i admire these people :o i hope you keep creating cool projects :D

(hey look, my poke-captcha is Wave, our multi-adept friend who wasn't found non-event in the wild until region 8 at 2% next to an interesting still freshwater habitat.)

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