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Yup, people always seemed pretty entertained by the shiny chance on your guestbook, so I thought I would play around a little more with what I might be able to do with the CAPTCHA 'mon. Apparently at least Eifie has gotten sucked into clicking through until she got one she liked...


Thanks, glad you like the layout! I'm still not really sure about the color scheme myself, heh. It kind of went a different direction than I was expecting.

And oh dear, it seems like you've figured out my nefarious plan for getting articles written. :P Yes, various posts I've made (mostly at Serebii) will serve as the basis for a lot of them. In many cases I want to expand on the things I've said in them, but in the case of "show, don't tell," yeah, that one shouldn't require too much additional work. :P

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