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Viola Buddy

This formula actually doesn't seem familiar to me at all, even though Pokémon fanfiction was what got me into fanfiction and fandoms in the first place - I was much more enamored with original trainer fics (and still am! Ash and co. are fun and all to watch on the TV show but for some reason often feel either really boring or really out-of-character when written about). I've since mostly moved onto other fandoms (with Pokémon fanfic cravings satisfied usually by Pokémon Conquest fanfics), but I might check out at least one of these "Ash betrayal" fics sometime, at least to see what these are like if they're so common (though if I'm being honest, also for nostalgia for when I used to read a fair amount of Pokémon darkfic, and to indulge in guilty pleasures such as the reasons you list for this genre's popularity). Though, with your new rec page, I may alternatively check the fics on there, too.

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