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Last Updated November 13 2014

Whoah, a second update in 2014? Things are postively bustling around here. Watch out, we're going to end up with more than one page of news posts soon, I can feel it.

All joking aside, I recently put together a little side website, the corporate home page of "MagmaCorp," Team Magma's largest front company. Maxie strikes me as somebody with business acumen, so I figure he'd try to attract outside investors to help him fund his ecoterrorism. This is the corporate webpage for Team Magma's primary front company, MagmaCorp. In addition to convincing people with deep pockets that MagmaCorp's technology is worth checking out, it's intended reassure the general public that the whole ocean-lowering plan is totally a cool idea instead of the sketchiest thing to ever sketch. This was an entry for Mewitti's ORAS Hype Contest, and it ended up winning the "Most Creative" award! You should definitely give the contest a look; there were tons of cool entries.

I've been working on a couple of other things behind the scenes, so you should be seeing more content here soon. (For real this time!)

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