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Horde Training Guides

Last Updated May 02 2016

Some content I never thought I'd be inspired to add: pages detailing EV yield per route for horde battles in XY and ORAS. I wanted to know if there were any routes with both special attack and speed hordes so I could train up a gastly, couldn't find a guide online that made this easy to figure out, and one thing led to another.

I didn't end up working on the site as much as I wanted over my holiday break, but as always there's stuff in the works. Next up will probably be some improvements to the comment system, since I rushed that one out while unapologetically leaving out "features" like basic pagination since I figured it would be a while before I'd get enough comments to actually need it, but already I think it's urgently needed. Other than that, I've got some new fanfic content in the works, updates to the metronome randomizer, and a new layout, too. We'll see when they materialize!

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