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Gen VII Arrives

Last Updated November 18 2016

Sun and Moon are now available pretty much everywhere except Europe, so I've made a couple quick updates to bring the site up to date with Gen VII. The Metronome Generator now produces Gen VII attacks and also has a new option to generate Z-Moves if you'd like. You can also adopt Gen VII or Alola-form NaNoWriMon--actually, they secretly went live a few days ago, but now it's official!

I also managed to badly break the comment database last week, and it still isn't back to normal. New comments are added fine, and none of the old ones were lost, but most of them don't appear on their intended pages. I've already fixed all the ones on the NaNoWriMon page and am slowly going through to put the rest to rights, but it'll take a little while yet to get them all.

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