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Post-NaNo Recs

Last Updated August 26 2018

Well, it's been a loooong time in coming, but the fic rec list has been updated with another set of five, and there are a couple more recs below.

And, now that November's over, it's time for the NaNoWriMon to go inactive for another year. I had a lot more users this time around than I expected, which was an exciting lesson in scalability for me. Thanks to everyone who reported bugs; there are still some mysterious ones floating around that I'll try to figure out and get fixed before NaNo season starts up again. I'll also be adding some new features--finer control of what a NaNoWriMon evolves into (or if it evolves at all) is at the top of the list. If there's anything in particular you want to see for the next go-round, let me know and I'll see what I can do.

I hope you've been enjoying Sun/Moon if you've been fortunate enough to get your hands on a copy! If you feel like taking a break from playing why not check out one of these PMD stories:

Fledglings by Fobbie: Fledglings is unusual in that it takes place in a PMD-style world, complete with guilds, gummis, and of course mystery dungeons, but doesn't feature a human-turned-pokémon with amnesia, or indeed any sort of human at all. It's instead a coming-of-age tale following the adventures of three young pokémon finding their way in a post-apocalyptic world where humans have long since gone extinct and pokémon civilization clings to life on a series of islands surrounded by an empty, blighted wasteland. Despite the grim setting, the story is overall lighthearted and upbeat, with pirates, plenty of action, and a real sense of humor. Overall it has the feel of an adventurous Saturday morning cartoon, with peril that feels real but never too perilous and villains that manage to be serious without becoming monstrous. I think the best aspect of the story is the worldbuilding; Fobbie explores a wide variety of pokémon cultures through the heroes' journeys around the islands, the mystery dungeons are heavily integrated into pokémon's everyday lives, and the story itself revolves around a myth literally come to life and how various characters deal with that happening. Overall, this story would best appeal to people looking for an adventurous romp with lots of colorful characters and settings who also want a 'fic that gives them plenty of material to enjoy--the story currently sits at over 300,000 words, and I don't think the end is in sight.

PMD: Victory Fire by sulfurbunny: this one is actually a comic; I might put together a separate comics rec list at some point, but since as far as I'm aware there are even fewer finished fancomics out there than finished fanfics, I figured talking about the odd in-progress one couldn't hurt. Victory Fire begins in the usual way of PMD stories, with a human-turned-pokémon being introduced to a world where pokémon have built their own society that happens to be under threat. Unlike most, however, Victory Fire crosses back into the human world, attempting to reconcile the PMD-verse with the main series games, the anime, and even other spin-off games like Pokémon Ranger. As a result, OC's stand alongside a diverse cast of canon characters, from Gengar and Wigglytuff from the PMD games to Lovrina to Team Plasma. If you've ever wanted to see Mewtwo, Wes, and N team up to save the Pokémon world, Victory Fire's got you covered (on page 399-400, specifically). Victory Fire has fantastic art, a great cast of characters, and has never missed one of its Tuesday/Friday updates since it began in 2012, giving you a deep archive to enjoy and a steady stream of panels to look forward to in the future.

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