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Server Move and Site Upgrades

Last Updated August 26 2018

If you can see this news item, it means that you're being served this site from its new online home! Although the hosting provider I started out with worked well for a few years, it was clear during last year's November rush that the site had outgrown my little hosting plan and I'd need to look into a new solution if it was going to continue to do well. Unfortunately I was in Australia last November and didn't really have time to take on such a big project, so I came up with the best janky stopgap measures I could to keep things running on the old server and deferred a real upgrade until I was home from my trip. This led to a lot of weird errors and a generally poor user experience for people using the NaNoWriMon this year, and my major goal is going to be using the new options this server affords me to be sure that things run much more smoothly for everyone when November rolls around again.

I also took advantage of the server move to modernize the site's code base a bit, implement SSL for increased security, and make some performance improvements behind the scenes. Given all the changes coming together at once, I expect there to be some issues, whether with the site not functioning properly, slowdowns or server errors, etc. If you encounter any problems while browsing the site, please let me know! I've been doing my own testing and will be keeping a close eye on the server analytics, but I'm sure I'll miss something.

I've been working on an analysis of SOS chaining in the Gen VII games, with the ultimate goal of making a calculator that will tell you the expected number of turns to encounter a shiny/pokémon with hidden ability/etc. under various conditions. So far the only visible result of that work is the Gen VII SOS Rates page, but I'll have more content in that vein along eventually. NaNoWriMon stuff is the priority right now, since I'd like to have it well done with and ready to go before October, but once that's dealt with I'll be back to getting mad at SOS battles. I'd also love to get a new layout going and make some upgrades to a few pages... there's always something going on with this site, even if the news page is pretty quiet!

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