Thousand Roads

A Pokémon fansite dedicated to the creative side of the Pokémon fandom, especially fanfiction.

Fanfic Index and Minor Updates

Published February 09 2014

Been a while, eh? The site's been more than a little bit quiet for the last year and a half or so--I updated the metronome randomizer to include sixth-gen attacks quite some time ago and added a few entries to the event moves page, but that's about it.

But today I come bearing new content! Sure, it's just a master list of my fanfics, but it's better than nothing at all. I'm hoping to do a lot better on the content department this year, so you should hopefully be seeing some more interesting pages added soon.

Fanfic Recommendations

Published October 21 2012

As usual, after putting up the site revamp, I got excited by all the different ideas I had for content and started a whole bunch of pages--with the result that it took me ages to finish anything. What I did end up putting together is a project I've been itching to work on for ages--a fanfic recommendation program that takes an author on FFN and returns a list of 'fics it thinks they might enjoy reading. For example, take a look at its recommendations for me. It's still a rather crude program, and you can read all the caveats that come with it on its page, but I have big plans for it in the future. I hope you get a laugh out of any terrible suggestions it might make for you, if nothing else!

Grand Re-Opening

Published August 06 2012

Well, perhaps not so grand as all that, but I've finally gotten around to properly sorting out the site's infrastructure and preparing some new content. I've always intended for this to be a proper fansite, rather than just a space for me to park some convenient ASB things, and now I've finally gotten around to providing the framework for doing that. We'll see how it goes!

There isn't much new to see yet, aside from the new layout. I've also added some of the boilerplate information about the site, how to contact me, and so on, in the "site" category. In addition, I've put up the first in a series of articles I intend to do using statistics to explore various aspects of Pokémon fanfiction as it appears on FFN. This is something I've been curious about for a long time, so I hope you'll find it interesting. If you have any particular questions you want me to address in one of those articles, I'm always open to suggestions.

That's all for now. The site still isn't quite up to scratch, so there will probably be a fair amount of tweaking in the next couple of weeks while I improve some areas of the backbone that I left duct-taped together in the interest of time. I hope you enjoy the redesigned Thousand Roads!