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That's an interesting theory, and one I think it might be possible to get a sense of by looking at the timing of Arceus' emergence as a player in betrayal 'fics. Was there an earlier trend of some other legendary "choosing" Ash, which was then replaced with Arceus once it was introduced, or did that trope instead emerge around the time The Lightning Thief was released? It would be much less clear if it showed up later than either of them, of course.

As far as aura goes, specifically, I think the simplest explanation for that is just that Ash was shown to be an aura user in the eighth movie, people thought it was cool, and so it's been an exaggerated part of his character in fanfic ever since. I'm not sure how early "aura" was introduced to pokémon canon, but it was referenced in Gen III (the Gamecube games) at least. I doubt anything aura-related was an import from another fandom. Easy enough to check the movie influence, anyway: see whether the emergence of "aura Ash" happens around the time of its release.

It would definitely be interesting to know how big of an overlap there is between Percy Jackson and Pokémon fans and whether there might have been some crosstalk there--or, of course, there's a lurking variable and the originator is some other shared fandom entirely!

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