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Haha, yeah, I'm also approaching this from the standpoint of someone who reads/writes OT's. If you're interested in that genre, you might like OC Ash 'fics more than Ash betrayal 'fics; they're also super hot right now, and they have some of the same elements (generally darker tone, more powerful Ash character) but with more focus on the journey than on the character interactions. I think The Sun Soul was one of the original big-time ones, and Traveler is among the most popular ongoing right now. (And if you haven't read Pokémon MASTER, like Butterfree mentioned above, it's a fandom classic! Worth at least glancing at to see if you enjoy it.) Of course I also fully endorse the stuff on my recs list. XD

Conquest 'fic, huh? I think I've only ever read, like, one of those. I never see them! Are there any you think are particularly worth checking out?

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