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Viola Buddy

Actually, looking over the first chapters of a few of these, it seems that I have mostly lost my taste for darkfic. Apparently, violence and gore was OK for me when I was a child but became less bearable as I aged? On the other hand, the nostalgia factor may push me to read through one anyway - I definitely remember reading Pokémon MASTER (or at least I remember the title and author), though I can't remember a single thing about it; I might just read through that again. Or I might need to read these fics in the correct setting: I did almost all of my fanfic reading as a child in the dark after waking up before the sunrise. In any case, thanks for these suggestions!

As for Conquest fics, there aren't too many out there but enough to form a community (three of them, in fact). I've written a few myself, though it's been a while; apparently the last one I wrote was a Fire Emblem Awakening/Pokémon Conquest crossover in 2014. My favorite Conquest fic so far is Future Sight by CinderHawk, but unfortunately it was abandoned almost immediately after it started and has been dead since 2012. The most active Conquest writer today on is Imperator Justinian; his more recent works are quite good, though the older ones may be slightly lacking (though he's taken down his really old ones). Finally, it's not a fanfic exactly, but I'll also give a shoutout to Bloom: a Pokémon Conquest Comic, for being a fairly regularly updated webcomic about Pokémon Conquest.

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