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Metronome Randomizer

Last Updated November 18 2016

The Metronome Randomizer mimics the attack "Metronome" in the Pokémon games, choosing a series of random attacks. This script offers three different flavors of metronome--"True Metronome," which adheres to the mechanics of the attack in the main-series games; "All Attacks," which picks any non-Z-move attack; and "All With Z-Moves," which may generate a Z-move, even though Z-moves aren't really the same as ordinary attacks and definitely can't be called by metronome. True Metronome will never select Counter, Mimic, Metronome, Mirror Move, Transform, Struggle, Sketch, Thief, Snore, Protect, Destiny Bond, Detect, Endure, Sleep Talk, Mirror Coat, Focus Punch, Follow Me, Nature Power, Helping Hand, Trick, Assist, Snatch, Covet, Feint, Me First, Copycat, Switcheroo, Chatter, Wide Guard, Rage Powder, After You, Quick Guard, Quash, Bestow, Techno Blast, Relic Song, Secret Sword, Freeze Shock, Ice Burn, Snarl, or V-create. If you are concerned with strict adherence to game mechanics, you should also take into account the fact that Metronome will also never pick any of the user's other three attacks, either, so you may need to re-randomize.

Because the mechanics of metronome haven't yet been extensively explored for Gen VII (and likely won't be for a while), the "True Metronome" setting currently chooses any attack that could be called in the fifth generation and any attack introduced in the sixth or seventh generation, since it's not currently known which of them are actually callable.


Number of Attacks:

All Attacks:
All With Z-Moves:
True Metronome:



Im using this for a "randomizer" I randomize the moves and I PKHeX the pokemon in.


Negrek Admin

Website: Thousand Roads

Hey, that's pretty cool. I'm always curious what people use this thing for. Hope it's given you some fun movesets to play with!



My friend and I are setting up a tournament with randomized pokemon, move sets, and abilities. Thanks for a random moveset generator that works.



I have a Hypno that knows Steam Eruption, Flare Blitz, Nuzzle & Sheer Cold. That Hypno might be my favorite Pokemon on the Randomizer





Negrek Admin

Website: Thousand Roads

You need to put a semicolon after the pokémon's name if you want to make a sprite. Just posting a sprite is pretty spammy, though; in the future I'll delete comments like this.



thx for this tool, I needed something like this before and ended up doing it manually...



This is clever. I can use this for a chat RP that I'm doing. Very useful.



I think that you should make one of these for every pokemon type as well


Negrek Admin

Website: Thousand Roads

You mean can I set it up so you can ask for a random grass-type attack, instead of any attack at all? Yeah, I can do that.



This is cool. Before my little sister went on Bulbapedia list of moves and used a random number generator. This is so much easier.


john cena

This is cool! &arceus &ponyta &machamp looks like me!



arceus vs giratina



Hey! Where can you find a way to get a pokemon image even if their disabled?


Magikarp is the best

I got a Shedinja with Light of Ruin, Explosion, Hail, and Spite



Sorry for asking, but how do you make sprites?



It was in the instruction section, but maybe it was a little unclear. First do this: &, then the name of your Pokemon, then a semicolon. e.g. xerneas


Negrek Admin

Website: Thousand Roads

xernevetal has it right.

Giratina, please stop spamming. If you don't, I'll ban you from commenting.



I like to roleplay as Pokemon trainers a lot, and this helps. Some of the Pokemon know Metronome, so this allows me to truly use it.


ShinyNoivern99 &noivern;

I like to roleplay and I use this a lot



I'm using this for a randomizer and my shuckle has aerial ace now!

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