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I'm having a problem in that my Vulpix's xp isnt increasing today, even though I have been updating the word tracker on the NaNo site. It's been at 5685 since at least 4something this afternoon and my word count has been steadily increasing.



AWESOME little toy! Thanks much! I have my Ghastly to keep me motivated. I hope. LOL.



My username is full_moon_forever and I want a nidoran female as my NaNoWriMon. Whenever I enter my information, the picture never loads, and if I hit confirm I get the message to post here. Can you please help me?


Mr. Pinkins

I've tried pasting both of the BBC code and the HTML code into my signature, but neither one seems to be working. It just shows up as the code, not the little status image. Am I missing a step?


Negrek Admin

Website: Thousand Roads

Heh, I guess I stand corrected on the username character limit, then! The script will accept your username now.



I got my Umbreon working! Thank you so much :) Can't wait to see it evolved.



This is so cool! Don't mind me, I just discovered this site and it's pretty fun to just poke around it haha. I want a NaNoWriMon, but for this year's NaNoWriMo I'm just targeting 50,000 words of anything by the end of the month (so I'm technically not writing a novel - I just hope to hit 50,000 words with a combination of fics). I'm not sure if the NaNoWriMo site allows for this, so I'll go check now. I'll definitely bookmark this page, though. 8>



This is such a wonderful idea! Thank you so much for putting it together, I entered my stuff and it seems to be working for me. Looking forward to my little buddy evolving as I write!


Rose Falcon

Hey my name on the nano website is slow-and-slightly-annoyed-flower yet when i enter it onto the sit it wont let me enter it as apparently no usernames are that long?


Negrek Admin

Website: Thousand Roads

Not at the moment, no. The green background is just the background that shows up on the summary screen in X/Y; I may change it to the Gen VII background for next year. (iirc it's still green, albeit... less.) In some future year I may introduce the option of doing more visual customization, but that's a very low priority right now.


Negrek Admin

Website: Thousand Roads

Yeah, managed to introduce this problem while fixing a bug earlier. It should be corrected, and your pokemon are now male. The change will show up the next time your word count updates.

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