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This literally made my jaw drop! Thank you so much!



Could I possibly get your Explorers of Sky script? It would save me a lot of work!


Negrek Admin

Website: Thousand Roads

I've fixed the problem with NaNoWriMon. Thanks for letting me know there was an issue!



I'm using this to write a Pokemon fanfiction to keep Metrenome fair and unbiased. It seemed that in a fight with togepi vs combusken the Togepi Teleports, then Double Kicks, Mega Kicks, uses Sandstorm. Attacks with SmellingSalts, Foul Plays, Bestows it King's Rock, then Brutally Swings afterwards, Reflects, Drill Runs, and then uses OBLIVION WINGS AND THEN SPARKLING ARIAS?

This is going to be fun :)



Hey, I don't know if this site is still active or not, but few days ago I tested creating Nanowrimon because I was hoping to use them in a regional event. At the time the nanowrimon was working but now when I'm supposed to post the info about our pokemon themed event for my wrimos, the nanowrimon page is saying that there is an error because of API. I have an active project and goal so that should not be a problem.



Bonjour (yes I'm french !) I usually have no trouble creating my NaNoWriMon but it doesn't seem to work this year. Can you help me?

Thanks in advance ! Oxymore

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