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I was here last year with an evolution problem and it seems I have the same problem this year. I'm at level 26 and my Azurill is still that, an Azurill (though cute, I would love seeing it evolve). If I try to create a Marill or even Azumarill on this site, my wordcount appears high enough to have the fully evolved form (I can see a green button with an Azumarill in the preview). I didn't tick the do not evolve boxes, so that can't be the problem. Is something strange up with my account or something?

Thnks in advance! Nanesh


Negrek Admin

Website: Thousand Roads

Yes, the NaNo forums don't offer very much signature space. See my comment here for some ideas on how you could reduce the size of your signature and fit both images in.


Negrek Admin

Website: Thousand Roads

NaNoWriMon mega evolve when you get a lot of words down quickly, so you must have had a big update to make it go straight to the mega evolution! And you're welcome, glad you have fun with it!


Negrek Admin

Website: Thousand Roads

Yeah, the fact that the URL doesn't look like an image would tend to be my guess as to what's causing trouble, too. It's really strange that you could get yours to work last year but not this year, though! No reason that should happen unless the forums got moved to a new software platform. The image shows up just fine in a browser, too, so your code is correct.

Unfortunately I can't tell what forum software Flight Rising actually uses, so I can't look up any potential weirdness or workarounds for their particular BBCode parser. Unfortunately I think at this point I think you'd have to ask an admin or someone who knows the board software if they have any idea what could be going on; don't think there's much of anything I can do from here. :(



Can I post my nanowrimon on other sites besides nanowrimo? Also,Neither code is working anywhere for me. Does it not work through mobile.



i tried to add another one to my signature, put it in the right place, but the nano website says my signature is too long...?



I got Eevee. Wonder if I'd ever evolve. I don't really like any one of the evolved forms better than the others,



I love this site. I get a new Pokémon every November! I just realized my Houndour just evolved into a Mega Houndoom. How does that happen over the regular evolution path? Just curious since this was the first time I've seen it. Thanks for providing this fun part of my NaNo experience every year. :D



The site is FlightRising and I think the issue is that the BBC code doesn't have .jpg or .png identifying it as an image.

Which is strange because I was able to get it to work last year.



Trying to get a Jangmo-o, and while it'll populate the Form and Evolution bits, it's not showing a preview. I hit confirm, and it sends me to the error page.


Negrek Admin

Website: Thousand Roads

Are you entering "ghost" for the Species field? When I do that using your username, it does give an error message. If not, can you tell me exactly what you're putting in that field?

Regardless, what you should be putting there is the name of a specific pokémon that you want, like Gastly, Giratina, Sandygast, etc., rather than a general type. The field only knows pokémon names!


Negrek Admin

Website: Thousand Roads

What site is it? If the link works but the image doesn't, it suggests that there's something nonstandard about the BBCode the site uses, or restrictions on the kinds of images you can have in your signature.



Website: Nanowrimo

Hey, I am also having issues. I have the nanowrimo name, demonic_rose. I have my novel and everything and have even updated my word count. I type in my name, put in ghost for type and then the name but, it doesn't give me anything. It just seems to refresh the page? It doesn't give me an error, just nothing shows up.

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