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Hi, I was trying to sign up for this but it can't seem to find my account. It's H^2quared I've already set up my novel and input my word count in the NaNoWriMo website, so that's not the problem.


if the seas were ink

Hi! I'm really loving my NaNoWriMon, it's a massive help for motivation! I've got to level 50 though, and my charmeleon still hasn't evolved into charizard. I'm pretty sure I had all the boxes for evolutions correctly ticked, so I'm not sure whether this is a bug, or if I made a mistake without realising it when I was setting it up?

My username is: if the seas were ink Pokemon's name: Marshmallow

If you get a chance to have a look at this I'd be really grateful, if not then thanks for making such a cool little motivator anyway!




Hey, Negrek!

Was trying to make one of these with Alola Ninetales, but I keep getting regular Ninetales despite picking it on the form. And I mean, I love all Ninetales, but it seems like a bug.



Does this work with the young writer's program for NaNo? My son has an account on there with a username: eyeball
and would like a Pidgey if possible.



hi so the form did eventually give me an option for either raichu & i chose the alolan version, but i'm having this problem where i update my word count and after a little while my raichu will turn back into a pikachu



First off, thank you so much for making this fantastic Pokemon-Nano link. I love it!

Now for my question, my male frillish evolved into a female jellicent. It still has the male marker-sign, but the color scheme is female. The color scheme as a frillish was the male blue, but as a jellicent he is quite pink. Is this normal? Just a limitation of the system?

Username: AernJardos Pokemon: Maínomai

Thank you for your time!



Website: Moon_Dust NaNo

Hi - I’m copying the URL code in my NaNo author info page and my forum signature page but no image appears, just a blank square. I see other ppl with the NaNoWriMon so I’m wondering how to make this work? Thx!


Tavie Scott

Hey there! I am having a slight issue with my NaNoWriMon, a Growlithe called Taika. She is showing up perfectly in some of my posts, but in others (I posted the link down below, my comment is about two thirds of the way down the page) only the code is showing up... Curious. I'm thinking maybe it will sort itself out over time? Cheers :)

ps here's my profile link



Website: my NaNo profile

Oops, I may have commented in the wrong area! I'm having a bug with my NaNoWriMon. I put an Eevee in my signature, and he evolved into an Umbreon when his level got to the mid-30s. He is now 43. But he keeps turning back into an Eevee! I'm trying to figure out if I'm doing something weird that's making him revert back to his baby stage. Will he just fluctuate until 50 and then stick to his big form after that? Thanks -Katy

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