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The metronome generator seems to be down, is there any chance it could be brought back? Have been using it fairly frequently in a Pokemon Tabletop Adventure campaign and am struggling to properly use Metronome without it.



Hey, the metronome page stopped working? Says it's an Application Error. Thought I'd let you know.



got cubone... though thats who i always tried for. feel like it fits me and the pmd mc



First off, I LOVED having my little Eevee along for the ride this year, watching my progress and cheering me on! But she doesn't seem to have updated with my final word count - she's still showing at 104,401 when my final total was actually 105,501. Any way this could be corrected? My NaNo username is AngelDreamer. Thanks so much!



Joe K

Hi there, I love NaNoWriMon! I noticed last year that my 'mon only got to lvl 97 despite me winning that year. I figured it was because I was too down to the wire in updating my word count. But this year I updated a couple hours in advance of midnight, and my 'mon is only lvl 97 again and it's after midnight. I figure this must be a problem of time zones, as I'm in PST. Any help would be appreciated! My username is 'cubistvowels.' Thanks!



I love this tool. I don't think anything else on the web offers this functionality.


Negrek Admin

Website: Thousand Roads

Yeah! This is something I've been wanting to do for a while, and have actually started, but haven't finished. The page also generally needs a facelift and better interface. Can't promise when I'll get this done, but it's on my radar!


Negrek Admin

Website: Thousand Roads

It would totally be possible! It's really just whether I'd be able to make the option obvious and accessible for people who were interested in going beyond 50k. People have a hard enough time finding the links in the directions as it is! I've also been meaning, for a couple years now, to redo the UI of the mon selection screen to make it a lot more streamlined and remove much of the text, so that would hopefully give some space for a more prominent and accessible link.

Anyway, thanks again for the idea! I can't promise anything about implementation, since like I said I often run years behind on changes I intend on making, but I think it's a good idea and something I'm definitely interested in pursuing, if I can find the time.


James Clawk

Hmmm, would it be possible to create a separate page for the people who wanted the extra Mon? For instance, under the normal screen where you would fill out the usual information, put some text saying something like 'Looking to push past 50K this year? You may be interested in these more in-depth options.' Then have a link to the page with the additional options. This way, it's up-front so people have a good chance of seeing it, but for those who want to keep things simple, the process remains nice and easy to understand. Obviously this assumes that the people using this feature are pushing past 50K and not setting a custom goal, but if you implement the custom goals as well, the text could just say something else.


Negrek Admin

Website: Thousand Roads

Are you positive you didn't check the "no evolution" options for all of them? Because you have two that are marked down as not supposed to evolve, and the others are all lucario at this point.

Unfortunately since they're level 100 even if I manually change their species they won't evolve because they can no longer level up.

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