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Negrek Admin

Website: Thousand Roads

Oh, interesting idea. It wouldn't be hard to add those, sure. The metronome randomizer is currently being redone (that's why there's no Gen VIII in there, still...), but those are something I might consider for once that's done with.


Negrek Admin

Website: Thousand Roads

Is this you? If not, please post your profile URL so I can take a look.

If that is you, your internal identifier is actually this: lo-5cc09cac-7381-4419-82fb-85b84459eb1f

If you paste that big string of gibberish into the username box, everything should work fine. But if you're still having trouble, if you let me know what you want in terms of a NaNoWriMon (nickname, species, gender, etc.) I can generate one for you myself.



Website: oligmarcheur

Hi negrek! Im afraid my special character makes it hard to get my nanowrimon :( my nano id (as well as the last part of profile's page url) is: Lo- will you be able to fix this sad story? haha, enjoy your day!!



Thank you for making these and updating them! I love them so much and they really add to my NaNo experience. :)


Isaac Spotted Elk

what if you make a pokemon item randomizer and ability randomizer?


Negrek Admin

Website: Thousand Roads

I've played all the PMD games except Super and the Rumble spinoffs! Or the DX Switch games, I suppose... I played the original Red/Blue Rescue Team.



I see the strongly PMD2 background. What is your experience with the PMD games?


Negrek Admin

Website: Thousand Roads

It doesn't look like custom word goals are going to be possible for the challenge this year, but they're definitely something I'll be looking to add in the future!



hey, I was wondering if this would be up for NaNoWriMo 2020? just wondering! :)



Website: Orange Raspberry Lemonade

Thanks for the update! If it matters at all, I'd prefer to be able to set my own goal. My son and I will be doing it (and I know he'll love this) and his word goal with the young novelist program won't be 50k.

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