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Pyro and Bumble

Website: Our PMD Comic!

I got Charmander! Honestly, I was looking forward to Tepig, but a Fire type's a Fire type in the grand scheme of things. Besides, I wouldn't say no to growing into a big ol' dragon, either. :)



This is great! Me and my friends are doing a sorta tabletop PMD game and I was gonna be Togepi, so this is great for when I learn metronome!



Me and my friend did a PMD randomized battle and Grovyle grovyle knows Grudge, After you, Cotton guard, and Quiver dance. Ava treecko knows Sheer Cold, Spiky Shield, Lovely Kiss, and Clamp



You should make it so that people can't select 9999 for the amount of moves.



Hey Negrek This website has a link to a dump of the script which links to your website. However, the link leads to a 404. Please let me know if it was archived or permanently deleted.


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