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Negrek Admin

Website: Thousand Roads

It's not you! Unfortunately I'm having some problems with caching, so while the problem's fixed not everyone can see it yet. While I try to get that resolved, you should be able to use the generator from this link:

And if that doesn't work, then I'm REALLY in deep trouble, haha. Sorry for the inconvenience.



IDk if i'm too stupid but the page still doesn't work


Negrek Admin

Website: Thousand Roads

Thanks for letting me know... or trying to! Evidently most of my comment notifications from the past several months haven't been getting delivered and all kinds of shenanigans have gone on as a result. Sorry for the delay in getting this handled. The page is working again now.



The metronome generator seems to be down, is there any chance it could be brought back? Have been using it fairly frequently in a Pokemon Tabletop Adventure campaign and am struggling to properly use Metronome without it.



Hey, the metronome page stopped working? Says it's an Application Error. Thought I'd let you know.



got cubone... though thats who i always tried for. feel like it fits me and the pmd mc

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