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Hey, sorry it took me so long to get back to you! You were a little early--the NaNoWriMon app doesn't open until the first week of October. But now you should be able to make a Hoopa for yourself no problem!



I would like to have more than just the NaNoWriMon in my signature, but it always says "too long" when I add anything else. Anything I can do to fix this?



I don't know where to request a NaNoWriMon but I found this here. I would like to get one for this year. If possible could I get a Hoopa made? My story has portals in it and Hoopa makes portals with its rings.



I'm using this for an RP... Playing a Smeargle that happens to use Metronome for a bit. They're being quite a troublemaker...



Does this only work for november? I only got a tracker on the normal site. It does show:

"Did you write a novel in November 2017?" But no other place to enter a novel. Does this only work in november? I do have a Goal Tracker and a novel on the Camp NaNoWriMo site



Hi, I'd like to make a NaNoWriMon for Camp NaNo, is it possible to make a Camp version of it? Thanks :)

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