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Joshua H. (Volt790)

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I absolutely LOVE your guide to event moves; its pretty much the only/best guide I've ever seen that cover Pokemon moves that Pokemon can only get via events! I had no idea Squirtle got ZAP CANNON, of all moves! My only thing is that I noticed it hasn't been updated in over 2 years, getting close to 3. Is there any chance I could help in updating that page in anyway? Its a great guide that doesn't deserve to be lost to time. If you wanna talk, i have a Twitter where we can PM! I also have a Tumblr, but honestly, I never really use it anymore.... In anycase, let me know! Thank you!


Negrek Admin

Website: Thousand Roads

Haha, glad it helped! And you're right, rewriting one-shots is a bit different... Once you have the finished product out in some form, you at least don't have to worry about giving up halfway through without seeing the story to the end.

Thanks for stopping by!



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Ha, as someone who just started their first, intended-to-be-short chapterfic a couple months ago (and is having a bit of a rut with it due to a lot on my plate!) I really appreciate having this to prevent me from doing a total reboot! I know I get thar "aaagh cringe city I need to reboot this" feeling with some of my older oneshots, but those are already done at least and I only intend to fully reboot the oldest and cringiest at this point since I still manage to see good in even them. I hopefully can see the good in the early bits of my chaptered stories as well!

(Having to maintain continuity in a shared universe helps too.)

By the way, nice to stop by your website, Negrek.

  • Umbra &Hydreigon


Website: Topicsforyou


I liked your website verry much, I will visit again. Best Regards Pieter


Negrek Admin

Website: Thousand Roads

Oh yeah, the rewrites are almost always better than the original story! There are exceptions, I do know some people who kind of compulsively rework things to the point that they aren't making any substantial improvements or are actively making the story worse, but I can't deny that most stories are going to improve on the rewrite. For me the issue is that they also tend to... peter off after a few chapters. I'd rather have a flawed but finished story over one that has a lot of promise but doesn't actually go anywhere, but that's definitely a matter of preference.

I see you figured out what was up with the sprites... They don't actually work in the username field at all, but you're not the first to try it. Not sure whether I want to enable that capability and potentially have people naming themselves a bunch of images, but it's not like it would be the end of the world, I suppose.


Negrek Admin

Website: Thousand Roads

No problem. Hope you find something to enjoy, although if you have lost your taste for violence and gore darker/more powerful Ash may not be the genre for you. ^^;

And thanks for all the Conquest recs! I'll definitely be checking those out. And man, you like your crossovers, huh? I'm partial to the Colosseum/XD ones, myself, since I love all things Orre. They feel like they kind of want to be longer stories, to me--there's a lot of cool stuff to explore there!


&altaria Aria

Huh.. While I do feel like some stories are worth finishing, usually their rewrites are actually better. Longer chapters are one possibility. But then again, I wanted to know where the original plot was heading. Pros and Cons I guess. &altaria &gardevoir &lucario &vaporeon &ninetales &serperior


Viola Buddy

Actually, looking over the first chapters of a few of these, it seems that I have mostly lost my taste for darkfic. Apparently, violence and gore was OK for me when I was a child but became less bearable as I aged? On the other hand, the nostalgia factor may push me to read through one anyway - I definitely remember reading Pokémon MASTER (or at least I remember the title and author), though I can't remember a single thing about it; I might just read through that again. Or I might need to read these fics in the correct setting: I did almost all of my fanfic reading as a child in the dark after waking up before the sunrise. In any case, thanks for these suggestions!

As for Conquest fics, there aren't too many out there but enough to form a community (three of them, in fact). I've written a few myself, though it's been a while; apparently the last one I wrote was a Fire Emblem Awakening/Pokémon Conquest crossover in 2014. My favorite Conquest fic so far is Future Sight by CinderHawk, but unfortunately it was abandoned almost immediately after it started and has been dead since 2012. The most active Conquest writer today on is Imperator Justinian; his more recent works are quite good, though the older ones may be slightly lacking (though he's taken down his really old ones). Finally, it's not a fanfic exactly, but I'll also give a shoutout to Bloom: a Pokémon Conquest Comic, for being a fairly regularly updated webcomic about Pokémon Conquest.


Negrek Admin

Website: Thousand Roads

Haha, yeah, I'm also approaching this from the standpoint of someone who reads/writes OT's. If you're interested in that genre, you might like OC Ash 'fics more than Ash betrayal 'fics; they're also super hot right now, and they have some of the same elements (generally darker tone, more powerful Ash character) but with more focus on the journey than on the character interactions. I think The Sun Soul was one of the original big-time ones, and Traveler is among the most popular ongoing right now. (And if you haven't read Pokémon MASTER, like Butterfree mentioned above, it's a fandom classic! Worth at least glancing at to see if you enjoy it.) Of course I also fully endorse the stuff on my recs list. XD

Conquest 'fic, huh? I think I've only ever read, like, one of those. I never see them! Are there any you think are particularly worth checking out?


Viola Buddy

This formula actually doesn't seem familiar to me at all, even though Pokémon fanfiction was what got me into fanfiction and fandoms in the first place - I was much more enamored with original trainer fics (and still am! Ash and co. are fun and all to watch on the TV show but for some reason often feel either really boring or really out-of-character when written about). I've since mostly moved onto other fandoms (with Pokémon fanfic cravings satisfied usually by Pokémon Conquest fanfics), but I might check out at least one of these "Ash betrayal" fics sometime, at least to see what these are like if they're so common (though if I'm being honest, also for nostalgia for when I used to read a fair amount of Pokémon darkfic, and to indulge in guilty pleasures such as the reasons you list for this genre's popularity). Though, with your new rec page, I may alternatively check the fics on there, too.


Negrek Admin

Website: Thousand Roads

Ugh, sorry. I got nothing, then, and at the moment I don't have a way of testing the site for that browser. I'll do my best to figure out a workaround for the next layout, though, so hopefully you shouldn't have to put up with it for much longer.

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