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This is cool. Before my little sister went on Bulbapedia list of moves and used a random number generator. This is so much easier.



Hi there! I'm in college working on a research project! We want to generate word clouds using tf-idf to prioritize unique words. Some Googling brought up a page on your website where you applied this technique to fanfics (/stuff/wordcloud_explanation.htm) and from your explanation, it sounded like exactly what we're looking for. I would love to talk code and algorithms for this with you! Did you write the code yourself and if so, is it hosted anywhere so that my partner and I can take a look? If your code isn't hosted anywhere, talking generally about algorithms for it would also be super useful for us! The contact page said this was the best place to start getting in touch, but my partner also sent you a message on tumblr to try reaching out there!



This is clever. I can use this for a chat RP that I'm doing. Very useful.



I have a Hypno that knows Steam Eruption, Flare Blitz, Nuzzle & Sheer Cold. That Hypno might be my favorite Pokemon on the Randomizer



thx for this tool, I needed something like this before and ended up doing it manually...


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You need to put a semicolon after the pokémon's name if you want to make a sprite. Just posting a sprite is pretty spammy, though; in the future I'll delete comments like this.


Negrek Admin

Website: Thousand Roads

Yeah, it would definitely be difficult to pick up where you left off on a 'fic that's been dormant for more than a year or so, I think; in that case a rewrite seems totally sensible, if you're still interested in the story itself and don't want to get back into it solely because you feel obligated to finish. Your style, and probably the ideas you have for the story as well, will have shifted so much that there would probably be a big disconnect between the earlier and later chapters even if you did decide to pick up where you left off rather than rewriting.

Good luck with your reboot! I'll be sure to check it out once it gets posted. Also, glad you liked the NaNoWriMon. (I really need to set up comment threading or something that makes it clearer what someone's responding to, aaarrgh...)



Website: Enigmatic Crystal

I embarked on a complete, nothing-is-sacred, throw-the-baby-out-with-the-bathwater rewrite of my longest fic last year. I hadn't worked on that story since 2010 or so, and in my mind it was, for all intents and purposes, dead. Like, really dead. But then I realized a lot of the characters and themes resonate with me more than anything else I've written, and I decided It Was Time. So I leaped in feet-first.

Now I'm at around the same word count as the original story and still going. Everything is so different! All my characters have changed, the plot's complexity has gone from "pretzel" to "bowl of spaghetti," and I'm having a blast. But in the back of my mind there's still that feeling that nothing I'm writing now is particularly better than before. I know it's not true (looking at one of my old chapters confirms that pretty quickly), but I know what it's like to succumb to writing drudgery and I don't want it to happen again, not with this story especially.

So I guess my response is "great article, I agree with it, but it also depends." I think in a case like mine where the story was pretty much dead anyway, a reboot can't hurt anything. Going back to work on earlier chapters while the story is still in progress, on the other hand? Probably not a good idea. If I've learned anything about writing over the years, it's that sometimes you just have to write.



Website: Enigmatic Crystal

Is this where all the cool kids hang out? Loved using the word count widget on my NaNo this year!

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